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Who doesn’t love great deals and discounts? Black Friday 2023 marks the beginning of the most anticipated shopping period for all kinds of products worldwide. In earlier times, it meant long queues, early shop openings and late-night shutdowns.

However, the embrace of online retailing and shopping has reduced the physical crowd but increased online activities. So do not be fooled by the number of people checking into stores this time. Black Friday 2023 will be the biggest yet, so ensure you check out the best deals and offers across various retailers this Black Friday. 

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What Is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the informal name given to the Last Friday of November, which is widely but unofficially regarded as the start of the festive shopping season. In countries like the US, Black Friday is the Friday that follows the annual Thanksgiving holiday, which holds on the last Thursday of November.

Many retailers identify with this day by giving incredible discounts on goods. Such price slashes are seldom available at other times of the year, making Black Friday a frenzy shopping period. Over the years, Black Friday has become synonymous with sales and discounts on goods from retailers.

When Is Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday in 2023 is on the 24th of November, meaning many discounts and unbelievable deals will be available. In fact, 2022 saw some of the biggest shopping spends across many brands and retailers. A considerable number started giving discounts at the beginning of November, and most will hold till early December. This year promises to be even bigger.

Are Black Friday 2023 Deals Worth It?

Simple answer is yes, Black Friday deals are usually very worthwhile as they offer amazing discounts on products and services across a wide range of retailers. Some brands give discounts of up to 60%, so keep your eyes peeled.

It is also noteworthy that some brands do not give explicit discounts on their products during Black Friday only, with spring and summer sales also very popular. However, many of those in this category may release gift cards, discount codes and some conditional giveaways with the purchase of other goods belonging to that brand.

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Tips For Shopping For Black Friday Deals

Everyone hopes to get the best deals this Black Friday. Shopping during this time can be rewarding if you follow these tips we are about to give you.

1. Make a list

Before shopping or scouring online for deals, you should make a list of items you wish to buy. That helps you stay focussed while searching retail shops offering the best discounts. Besides, without a to-buy list, you might find some deals too tempting to resist and end up with goods you never intended to buy.

2. Start Searching Early

Although the discount window is called Black Friday, it isn’t always about a single day. Many retail shops start giving discounts through the year and summer marks a great time to start your shopping wish list. An early search is crucial because it allows you to have a targeted list to focus on for Black Friday. With many stock going quickly during this time, it can sometimes be the fastest fingers first.

3. Compare Prices

One retailer isn’t usually enough when shopping, while you might consider you are getting a good deal with a retailer, another may have a much better one.

Also, have a least fair knowledge of the prices of the goods on your list before the shopping period starts. Don’t fall for the tricks of retailers that inflate prices to counter the discounts they claim to have given on the commodity.

4. Inspect the website of your choice brand

Sometimes, you can get the best deals by shopping directly from the website of the product brand of your choice. For example, for television deals, a brand like Samsung may offer discounts on some of its products for a limited time.

5. Stay Frosty

You aren’t the only one anticipating sales and discount deals, meaning there are thousands of people waiting to snatch the offers on brands with limited stocks this winter. There may be flash sales or countdowns which you wouldn’t want to miss. It is always painful to find out that your choice brands are already out of stock. Sometimes, it becomes a case of “you blink, you miss.”

What To Expect this Black Friday 2023

2023 will see the addition of many new products entering the market such as the new Airpods Max, iPhone 15, Google Pixel 8, 8 Pro, Pixel Tablet, Samsung s23 Ultra, Galaxy Z Flip5, PlayStation VR 2 and many other great products. Like most others before, these releases receive hype from lots of shoppers and sometimes stock isn’t always available. So expect some items to run out of stock shortly after they are available.

Meanwhile, expect some brands like Apple to retain their former prices or give discounts over a limited number of their products. Brands like Samsung will, like in previous times, see discounts of up to 20% on some of their products.

Retailers like Amazon, Currys, Argos, AO, Hughes,, Appliances Direct are major retailers during this period, offering great deals this winter.