Best Black Friday Fridge Deals 2023

What could we do without a fridge freezer in the kitchen? Do we talk about its use in keeping our fruits and veggies fresh or chilling our drinks? Now it’s Black Friday, and there’s no better moment to add the latest and perhaps bigger fridge to your kitchen.

Which brands are best, and what do you need to look out for before buying them? You’ll know them shortly. Also, don’t worry about their prices. We’ve hunted for the best deals across different retailers and highlighted them here for your choosing. So, here you go!

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Best Fridge Retailers For Black Friday

You do not have to spend much time surfing several online retail shops to get the best Black Friday deals for your fridge. Our experts have done that and here are four places to do the shopping.

  1. Hughes – The popular family owned retailer selling home electricals and appliances for decades. Find great deals on fridge freezers and more.
  2. Very – You can’t go wrong starting your search from Very. You will find reputable fridge brands like LG, Haier, and others are giving discounts of over 30%.
  3. Appliance Direct – Now is a good time to check on this retail store for its amazing fridge deals. Depending on what you want, you can save over £300 on some products with an initial value of less than £1,000!
  4. Currys – At Currys, the price slashes are substantial. You won’t have trouble finding reputable brands with discounts of almost 40% of the initial prices.
  5. AO – Never one to shy away from great deals during Black Fridays, AO is giving a discount on some most renowned fridge brands. You can check them for yourself.

How to choose the best fridges this Black Friday

1. Size: Surely, you know it should be able to fit into the space you have for it in your kitchen or wherever you choose. Again, keep in mind the

2. Energy efficiency: You do not want a fridge that would amplify your electricity bills. Check the labels to know their energy usage.

3. Auto defrost: You should say goodbye to those fridges that make you sweat to remove frozen items.

4. Finish: Find something that blends well with your kitchen decor as the right one can give your kitchen a facelift.

Best Fridge Models available on Black Friday

The very best models are here, and some discounts are close to unreal, but it’s Black Friday! So enjoy our top selections of the most discounted fridge products.

1. Haier

Since 1984, Haier has been making fridges, and really good ones at that. Years of unwavering delivery on quality make them one of the most reliable fridge brands in the stores. You can’t go wrong getting any of this Black Friday.

2. LG

As their catchword goes, “life is good” when your fruits and veggies are in LG fridges. The brand prides itself in the several innovative features that make its product stand out.

3. AEG

The brand, no doubt, belongs among the big players in refrigeration. Their “no frost” technology has been a most useful innovation, making their products a must-buy this Black Friday.

4. Samsung

What can we say other than, “it’s Samsung.”

5. Hisense

Like its fridges, the young brand has noiselessly taken over UK stores. Many love it, and more would when they get to purchase one of their fridges this Black Friday.

Best Black Friday Discounts on Fridges based on price ranges

From expensive to budget fridges, we’ve sorted the best of them, and of course, with great discounts. Here is a list of those you shouldn’t miss.

1. Best discounts for fridges over £2000

  • The LGInstaView ThinQ GSXV91BSAE Wifi Connected American Fridge Freezer, which goes for £2,229, is available at £1589. That’s saving £710 if you know where to shop. Click here to get there.

2. Best Discounts on Fridges under £1500

  • The HAIER Multi door fridge freezer Cube 90 Series 5 was previously £1,499, now goes for £1299 plus £200 cashback. Shop it here.

3. Best discounts for fridges under £1000

  • Save £150 on this Haier American Fridge Freezer, Silver, 528 L now only £699. Buy it here
  • The SAMSUNG Series 6 SpaceMax RB34T632ESA/EU 70/30 Fridge Freezer is selling for £500 less and is now only £999. Hurry and find it here.

4. Best Discounts on Fridges Under £500

  • Save a whopping £130 on this Bosch Serie 2 KGN34NLEAG Frost Free Fridge Freezer – E Rated. Now only £499. Buy it here with flexible payment options.