Best Black Friday Washing Machines Deals For 2023

The excitement is building, and the mouse clicks are increasing as Black Friday draws closer. Now is the time to visit your splish-splash machine that does your laundry. Maybe you want something more energy efficient or can’t spare the time batch-washing, so you need something larger.

Whichever your reason, you’re here for the best deals, and we wouldn’t disappoint you with our findings. Our experts have been shortlisting the best retailers for washing machines and noting some of the best deals available. Let’s journey together to see which would please you.

How to find the best washing machine deals

We are all about helping you secure the best deal this Black Friday. When talking of the best deals, enticing discounts are not enough. Here are a few things to consider alongside.

1. Size of the washing machine

What size do you need? By the size, we mean the weight of clothes it can handle at once, measured in Kg. Your household size, anticipated workload, and storage space should be the consideration.

2. Washing Speed

Check the rotation per minute (rpm) rating. The higher, the better, as it affects the centrifuge power needed to wash and dry your clothing.

3. Other services

These include connection fees, removal, recycling, disconnection, and unpacking fees. Check what’s advertised to be aware of any hidden costs.

4. Energy efficiency

Every washing machine has its energy rating. These ratings vary from A to G. A means high energy efficiency, and G represents the least energy efficient. Your target should be the former and those close to it.

Top Washing Machine Brands for Black Friday 2023

You’ll find several brands of washing machines in the stores, but we wish to separate men from boys. Here are the washing machine brands closely associated with quality.

Best Black Friday Washing Machine Retailers

We promised, so here are three washing machine retail shops to get the best discount this Black Friday.

1. Appliances Direct

Your options are broad and, more importantly, cheap and discounted here. The retail shop also offers refurbished options, a good initiative for someone looking to spend even lesser.

2. John Lewis

There are sizzling Black Friday deals on washing machines here for some of the top brands.

3. Currys

Get Samsung, Bosch, and AEG washing machines here at one of the best discounts available.

4. Very

UK’s go-to store for every family appliance is steaming with discounts on washing machines.

Best Black Friday Washing Machine Deals By Capacity

Find below our findings on the best deals for washing machines based on their capacity.

7kg capacity

After black Friday, the price of the HotpointNSWM743UBSUKN 7kg Load, 1400 Spin Washing Machine would return to £359. Currently selling at £259, you enjoy a discount of £100.

8kg capacity

Buy the Bosch Series 4 8kg 1400rpm Freestanding Washing Machine at a discount of £87 this Black Friday. Visit here to get it.

9kg Capacity

The Hoover H-Wash 300 9kg 1400rpm Freestanding Washing Machine comes at just £349.99, and that’s a great buy.

Also, check out the Samsung Series 7 AutoDose™ AddWash™ ecobubble™ wifi connected, 9kg now selling at £629. That’s £140 saved. Find it here.

10kg capacity

The LG AI DD V3 FCV310WNE 10.5 kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine is now available for £444, seeing a price slash. Find it here.

12kg Capacity

Looking to save a whopping £400? Then buy the LG TrueSteam™ FH4G1BCS2 Wifi Connected 12Kg Washing Machine this Black Friday. You can find it below.

or the Haier I-Pro Series 7 Freestanding washing machine, 12 Kg, 1400 RPM with Engine Direct Motion