Best Google Pixel Deals

Google Pixel is a brand of electronic devices developed by Google. These devices include smartphones, tablets, laptops, earbuds and other accessories. Unlike its close rivals (Apple and Samsung) Pixel makes full use of Google’s Android, Chrome OS and Windows operating systems. While the Pixel brand may not be the cheapest among others, you can still find them at discounted prices.

If that’s what you want, we will point you to where to go for such deals. We’ve highlighted the best deals for the Pixel 8, 8 Pro, Watch 2, 7a and Pixel Buds. Take a few minutes and read to discover them.

What To Expect From Google Pixel Deals

The good news is that a couple of sites are offering great deals on pixel products, and by that, we don’t mean a few pounds saving. Some retailers give discounts between 20 to 30% on Pixel products.

Meanwhile, discounts on premium brands like Pixel do not linger for long. That means you do not have all week to decide whether or not to accept a bargain.

Besides, you can expect some discounted Pixel products to be out of stock sooner than expected. In some way, expect a mad rush for deals on Pixel products like laptops. It may take the form of “you blink, you miss.”

You may not easily find discounts on the latest releases, like the Google Pixel Watch 2, which costs £339. That’s saying only selected models would be available.

Best Retailers For Pixel Deals

Getting Pixel deals can be somewhat tricky, but you can still nail some from the following dealers:

  • Google Store: This time, it would be smart to go “home” to find the best deals for Pixel. You’ll find here more variety of Pixel products at discount prices than anywhere else. Where else can you find a discounted Pixelbook but here?
  • Amazon: Cut the best deals on Pixel phones and accessories here.
  • AO: You’ll get a treat on Pixel phones and buds when you visit this store.

What is new about the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro?

The Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro were recently released with some notable upgrades over the Pixel 7 series. Here are some of the new features:

  • Display: Both phones feature the best smartphone displays according to DxOMark. The Pixel 8 has a 6.2-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2400×1080 and a refresh rate of 60Hz to 120Hz, while the Pixel 8 Pro has a larger 6.7-inch LTPO OLED display with a resolution of 2992×1344 and a refresh rate of 1Hz to 120Hz.
  • Camera: The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro have identical front-facing cameras, but the rear cameras differ. The Pixel 8 has a 50MP main camera with an f/1.68 aperture and an 8x Super Res Zoom, as well as a 12MP ultrawide camera with an f/2.2 aperture. The Pixel 8 Pro, on the other hand, has a more advanced camera system that includes a 50MP main camera with an f/1.68 aperture, a 48MP ultrawide camera with an f/1.95 aperture, and a 48MP telephoto camera with an f/2.8 aperture and a 5x optical zoom.
  • Processor: Both phones are powered by Google’s Tensor G3 processor.
  • RAM: The Pixel 8 has 8GB of RAM, while the Pixel 8 Pro has 12GB of RAM.
  • Storage: The Pixel 8 is available in two storage options: 128GB and 256GB, while the Pixel 8 Pro is available in four storage options: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and even up to a whopping 1TB.
  • Battery: The Pixel 8 has a battery capacity of 4,575 mAh, while the Pixel 8 Pro has a battery capacity of 5,050 mAh.

Best Deals By Category

Be it phones, watches, earbuds and accessories, there is always a bargain for you this Black Friday.


  • The new Pixel 8 with Advanced Pixel Camera, 24-hour battery and powerful security is now available for only £699, plus it comes with free Pixel Buds Pro Wireless Earbuds
  • The new Pixel 8 Pro Porcelain, 128GB comes with a free Pixel Watch 2 in Champagne Gold Aluminium and is only £999, saving £349 if bought separately.
  • The Google Pixel 7a and Pixel 30W Charger Bundle with Wide-Angle Lens and 24-Hour Battery in Snow is now available for only £449

Pixel Buds

  • The Google Pixel Buds Pro in Charcoal are built for calls and music, with active noise cancellation for a truly immersive experience. They are available now for only £158.58 saving over £40
  • The Google Pixel Buds A-Series – Wireless Earbuds are available for only £81. This top deal saves you £28.99 (26%) from the initial cost of £109.99. You can find it below.
  • The Google Pixel Watch – Android smartwatch with activity tracking – Heart rate tracking watch – Polished Silver Stainless Steel case with Chalk Active band, LTE is available for £252 instead of £339.00 (that’s a 26% saving)
  • The Google Pixel Watch Crafted Leather band – Black, Small now goes for only £54.05. That is 32% less its actual value of £79.00. Check it out here.


  • The Google Pixel Stand (2nd gen) – Wireless Phone Charger For Pixel providing super Fast wireless charging is available for £67.83